Indelible Grace Hymnbook

Kate Barclay Wilkinson

Born: August 27, 1859, Wood­lands Bank, Tim­per­ley, Che­shire, Eng­land.

Died: De­cem­ber 28, 1928, Ken­sington, Lon­don, Eng­land.

Daughter of me­chan­i­cal en­gin­eer Will­iam Beck­ett John­son, Kate mar­ried Fred­er­ick Bar­clay Wil­kin­son, a ca­shier, in 1891, at St. John the Evan­gel­ist An­gli­can Church, Alt­rin­cham, Che­shire. Kate worked with young wo­men in west Lon­don, and was ap­par­ent­ly in­volved with the Kes­wick Con­ven­tion move­ment.

Source: The Cyber Hymnal