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Lots Of New Piano Music On The Site

by Kevin Twit

July 4, 2014

We have been hard at a work on more solo piano music (thanks to a grant from the Howard Foundation) and Joel Littlepage. Best of all, you can download the music for free! Simply go to the hymn index and browse through the hymns to find the ones with piano music completed. Check back often as we adding new piano arrangements weekly over the summer.

Criteria For Judging Rock Music by Rev. Kevin Twit

by Kevin Twit

November 7, 2013

Here is a paper I wrote for an ethics class in seminary in the early 90s. It has been available for years on the Third Mil website, but thought some might be interested in seeing it here on our site.




Christian Experience In The Hymns Of Anne Steele

by Kevin Twit

October 11, 2013

Christian Experience In The Hymns Of Anne Steele (1716-1778)

I am dependent on the excellent recent biography of Anne Steele by Sharon James found in her book “In Trouble And In Sorrow” (Evangelical Press 2003).  I have also used “The Works Of Anne Steele in 2 Volumes” (Boston ed. 1808) for this lecture.  There has been a renewed interest in Anne Steele lately.  Well worth reading are the full biography of her by J.R. Broome “A Bruised Reed: The Life and Times of Anne Steele” and the excellent study of her hymns by Cynthia Aalders “To Express The Inefable: The Hymns and Spirituality Of Anne Steele.”


James Montgomery "Traits Of A Good Hymn"

by Kevin Twit

October 10, 2013


An excerpt from James Montgomery's "Introduction To The Christian Psalmist." 


A hymn ought to be as regular in its structure as any other poem; it should have a distinct subject, and that subject should be simple, not complicated, so that whatever skill or labour might be required in the author to develope his plan, there should be little or none required on the part of the reader to understand it. Consequently, a hymn should have a beginning, middle, and end. There should be a manifest gradation in the thoughts, and their mutual dependence should be so perceptible, that they could not be transpo...


Sands Of Time - Full Original Poem

by Kevin Twit

October 8, 2013

The hymn, "The Sands Of Time Are Sinking" is taken from a poem written by Anne Cousin. Cousin poem is based on the classic book "The Letters Of Samuel Rutherford" written in the 17th century. Here is the full original poem "Immanuel's Land" by Anne Cousin and based on The Letters Of Samuel Rutherford. Simply click on the document to the right to download as a pdf.


Joseph Hart's Preface

by Kevin Twit

October 7, 2013

The Preface To Joseph Hart's "Hart's Hymns" from 1759 is a classic in spiritual autobiography.

Hart’s Hymns

Joseph Hart’s Spiritual Autobiography

            As I had the happiness of being born of believing parents, I imbibed the sound doctrines of the Gospel from my infancy; nor was I without touches of heart, checks of conscience, and meltings of affections, by the secret strivings of God’s Spirit within me while very young; but the impressions were not deep, nor the influences lasting, being frequently defaced and quenched by the vanities and vices of childhood and youth.

            About th...


John Wesley's Preface To 1780 Hymnbook

by Kevin Twit

September 28, 2013

Preface and Table of Contents of 1780 Hymn Book Introduction



1. For many years I have been importuned to publish such a hymn-book as might be generally used in all our congregations throughout Great Britain and Ireland. I have hitherto withstood the importunity, as I believed such a publication was needless, considering the various hymn-books which my Brother and I have published within these forty years last past ; so that it may be doubted whether any religious community in the world has a greater variety of them.

2. But it has been answered, "Such a publication is hig...


John Berridge "Preface To Sion's Songs"

by Kevin Twit

August 17, 2013

Categories: Gospel

John Berridge's hymns are full of the gospel and his preface to his hymn book is particularly full of gospel sweetness.  



MANY volumes of Hymns hare been lately published, some of them a new composition, others a mere collection ; and it may seem needless to add one more to the number, especially after having published a collection myself. But ill-health, some years past, having kept me from travelling or preaching, I took up the trade of Hymn-making, a handicraft much followed of late, but a business I was not born or bred to, and undertaken chiefly to keep ...


Preface To The Olney Hymns

by Kevin Twit

March 28, 2013

Categories: Affliction

John Newton’s Preface to the Olney Hymns

Copies of a few of these Hymns have already appeared in periodical publications, and in some recent collections. I have observed one or two of them attributed to persons who certainly had no concern in them, but as transcribers. All that have been at different times parted with in manuscript are included in the present volume; and (if the information were of any great importance) the public may be assured, that the whole number were composed by two persons only. The original design would not admit of any other association. A desire of promoting the faith and comfort ...


The Full Text Behind "O Love Incomprehensible" And A Great "Anne Steele" Meditation For Easter

by Kevin Twit

January 19, 2013

Categories: Christ

I wanted to share with you all the full text of 18th century Baptist hymn-writer Anne Steele's 4th hymn from her collection, "Redeeming Love."  I took several of these verses and combined them some verses from a hymn by Augustus Toplady to make the hymn text for "O Love Incomprehensible" which was recorded on the 2nd Indelible Grace project, Pilgrim Days.  I think this whole text by Steele is great, and it is perfect for meditation on Good Friday and Easter.  Enjoy!

Anne Steele HYMN IV. “Redeeming Love”

1. Come heavenly love, inspire my song With thy immortal flame,
And teach my heart, and teach my ...